7 новых видов сомовых семейства Амфилиевых (Amphiliidae)

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7 новых видов сомовых семейства Амфилиевых (Amphiliidae)

Сообщение Yan » Пт сен 07, 2007 2:31 pm

Amphilius dimonikensis
Amphilius caudosignatus
Amphilius korupi
Amphilius mamonekenensis
Doumea gracila
Doumea sanaga
Phractura stiassny

Skelton, PH, 2007

A recent review of the amphiliid fishes of West Central Africa (WCA) indicates the presence of several described and undescribed species in different genera. Known amphiliines include three species of Amphilius Günther, one species of Paramphilius Pellegrin and three doumeine species in two genera, Doumea Sauvage and Phractura Boulenger. The known Amphilius from the WCA include A. longirostris (Boulenger, 1901), A. pulcher Pellegrin, 1929, and A. nigricaudatus Pellegrin, 1909. Seven species new to science include Amphilius dimonikensis, a small species with a banded colour pattern, described from 6 specimens from the Kouilou River system in Congo; Amphilius caudosignatus, a very small species with a unique caudal fin coloration, described from 3 specimens from the Ogowe River system in Gabon; Amphilius korupi, a dark brown species with a short head, eyes advanced and long oral barbels, described from 43 specimens taken from the Cross, Ndian and Akpa-Yafe River systems in Cameroon; Amphilius mamonekenensis, distinguished by its light spotted appearance, described from 18 specimens taken from the Kouilou River system in Congo; Doumea gracila, a large robust species but with a relatively slender caudal peduncle, described from 44 specimens from the Lobé, and Lokoundjé rivers, Cameroon; Doumea sanaga, with the dorsal fin relatively far back and a long slender caudal peduncle, described from 32 specimens taken from the Sanaga River system, Cameroon; and Phractura stiassny, described from a single specimen with a unique pair of neural spines before the dorsal fin from the Nyanga River in Gabon. In addition Amphilius baudoni Pellegrin is assigned to Paramphilius, with Paramphilius goodi Harry, 1953, considered as a junior synonym. Distribution maps for the new species are given.
New species of the amphiliid catfish genera Amphilius, Doumea and Phractura and the taxonomy of Paramphilius from West Central Africa (Siluriformes, Amphiliidae).
Skelton, PH.
Zootaxa 1578: 41–68, 2007.