2 новых вида в роде Astyanax (Characidae) из Бразилии

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2 новых вида в роде Astyanax (Characidae) из Бразилии

Сообщение Yan » Вс июн 21, 2009 7:02 am

Astyanax burgerai
Astyanax vermilion

Zanata, A.M. & Camelier, P., 2009
Two new Astyanax species, A. vermilion, from rio Almada and rio Cachoeira, and A. burgerai, from rio Almada, Bahia State, Brazil, are described. Astyanax vermilion is distinguished from most of its congeners and from all other Astyanax species known from northeastern Brazilian drainages by having distal portion of pelvic fins dark, a combination of sexually dimorphic characters, posteroventral portion of body and fins (except pectoral) reddish in life, and inconspicuous humeral and caudal spots. It also differs by having highest body depth just anterior of dorsal-fin origin, 32-34 lateral-line scales, and presence of one or two maxillary teeth. Astyanax burgerai is diagnosed by the presence of two vertically elongated humeral blotches, absence of a conspicuous and broad dark midlateral stripe (at least on anterior half of body), body highest along vertical slightly behind midlength of pectoral fin, 31-34 lateral-line scales, and two or three teeth on premaxillary outer series.
Astyanax vermilion and Astyanax burgerai: new characid fishes (Ostariophysi: Characiformes) from Northeastern Bahia, Brazil
Angela M. Zanata and Priscila Camelier
Neotropical Ichthyology, 7 (2): 175-184, 2009.